Wolf Trap

  • Fairfax County, Vienna, VA

50 years of exceptional sound

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, in Fairfax, Virginia, USA, is a majestic natural setting for over 75+ performances across all genres every summer. At the heart of the Wolf Trap is the Filene Center, a visually stunning 7,000+ seat venue for musical and theatrical performances. Solotech helped mark the 50th anniversary of the venue’s existence with an audiovisual technology update.

A coveted performance venue

Musicians come from far and wide to play at Wolf Trap, including the renowned National Symphony Orchestra. This made the stakes particularly high when the team considered technology updates for this outstanding outdoor space. Achieving the highest quality sound coupled with seamless equipment installation were top priorities. In addition to selecting and installing an updated audio system, the team delivered a new back-of-house communications and paging system, as well as audio solutions for the venue’s adjacent green rooms and dressing rooms spaces.

“The Wolf Trap Foundation wanted an updated PA system that better met the needs of modern performance. Wolf Trap is a very unique performance space. Audience members could be sitting in anything from lawn seats to the balcony,” explains Kelly Prince, Chief Technology Officer at Solotech. “We collaborated with the Wolf Trap team to come up with a solution that includes a New Meyer Sound Lyon System with Spacemap Go Capability’s under the roof, so that concert goers could have great, clear sound no matter where they’re sitting.”