Outernet London

  • London
QSC Q-Sysand L-Acoustics L-ISA

Solotech creates immersive audio system for Outernet London

Solotech UK has created a comprehensive audio networking infrastructure for London’s Outernet. The first in a series of global immersive entertainment and cultural districts, Outernet London offers experiential digital content in the heart of London. 

The Solotech team, led by Senior Project Development Manager Dan Seal, Application Engineer Kyle Durno, and Application and Design Services Manager Paul Todd have played a crucial role in the creation of the audio infrastructure for Outernet, contributing the technical insight and expertise to help bring this complex and stunning project to life. Under the direction of Outernet CTO Mike Whittaker, the teams worked together to bring the vision of President and CEO Phillip O’Ferrall to life. The result is an incredible example of what audio-visual innovation and expertise can deliver for clients and the public. 

Outernet is the most advanced immersive space in the world – at the heart of the district is The Now Building featuring 23,000 sq foot of floor to ceiling wrap around screens able to create never before seen digital experiences. Inside, visitors will find five different spaces including the main Now Building with a 14-metre-high atrium, the Now Arcade, the Now Venue Cinema Expansion, and two pop-up buildings, Pop 1 and Pop 2. The Now is one of the most exciting parts of Outernet, featuring a four-storey high LED wall as well as retractable walls, creating a flexible immersive space.

Thanks to early involvement in the project, the Solotech team was able to design an audio network capable of meeting different demands and offering a variety of options for the client. Ventuz Media created the media servers, with a collection of different templates made available, which have been matched by a range of input options, channels and more. Solotech collaborated closely with consultants Hoare Lea to design the immersive audio system that features a QSC Q-Sys network audio system and L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive sound system sitting at the heart of this installation.

Dan Seal comments: “Outernet is a totally new entertainment concept, providing the client with the opportunity to host anything from an art installation to a movie premiere. With a range of applications expected to be run in these spaces, one of the challenges was to ensure it has the flexibility capability to manage such a huge variety of scenarios.” 

The team’s role in the development was to utilise their extensive networking expertise to design an audio network for Outernet’s requirements – not just for today but to meet all future needs as well.  Each of the performance spaces – the Now Building, Now Trending and Now Arcade – also feature L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal sound system – using X4is, 5XT’s A10s, Syvas and Syvas Low – all feature in a set-up. L-Acoustics fast tracked the development of its SB10i compact subwoofer specifically for the Outernet project. This was quickly moved from prototype phase and used in spaces where there simply wasn’t room for subs to be implemented in a conventional way. 

The Solotech team relied on its vast audio networking experience to develop a system that would make a bridge between Outernet’s L-Acoustic and Q-Sys network networks. 

Mike Whittaker comments: “It is the sound that will adds the “wow” dimension to Outernet experiences.  The audio design that Solotech created for the Outernet, with the L Acoustics products, give us a truly immersive audio experience to support our screens, as well as giving us the flexibility we need to support for a wide range of uses by clients and artists.  It has been great working alongside Solotech team to bring Outernet project to life in a way that has exceeded expectations.”

By going above and beyond the client’s expectations, Solotech’s work means Outernet can be used to host events, advertising, and product launches for high end brands wanting to take advantage of the premium space offered, in addition to installations and live music events that will help support the arts. Due to the flexibility enabled by Solotech, the audio system will support a variety of options with audio playback that is as high quality as the brands and artists using the space.

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