Rethink your workspace

How and where we work has evolved dramatically. The new challenge for companies is to offer workspaces that allow for collaboration between present and working from home employees. This new reality requires an upgrade in technology to ensure and maintain employee productivity, flexibility and peace of mind. This is an opportunity to convince teams to come back to the office and work together.

Now is the time to :

  • optimize sound capture;
  • upgrade boardroom technology;
  • maximize your meetings display: from a simple monitor to a LED screen;
  • create flexible and easy to use collaboration spaces;
  • add ergonomic workspace lighting;
  • ensure the interoperability of your collaboration tools;
  • outsource the technical support for your conference rooms.

Solotech can help you bring your project to fruition with à la carte technologies and equipment and full turnkey solutions. 


We meticulously assess your company’s unique needs and propose curated and personalized solutions to optimize collaboration.

Unified Communications and Video Collaboration

Unified communications equipment will ensure high-quality interactions throughout your globally dispersed workforce and includes videoconferencing, collaboration, voice calling, file sharing and more.

Recording and Streaming

Make sure all meetings or training sessions go off without a hitch with our recording and streaming solutions. Your teams will be able to capture, stream and share video and audio with crystal clarity and reliability. What’s more, you can enjoy the freedom of accessing and reviewing your recordings.

Network Management

Count on our experienced network management team to build an infrastructure to help you manage, administer, and operate your data network. Your IT team will be able to collect and analyze data and make timely changes for improving performance, reliability, and security.

Videoconferencing Systems

Offer your participants a seamless collaboration experience with smart cameras, hyper-sensitive surround sound audio equipment, and videoconferencing software designed to work on all platforms and devices.

IT Security

Nowadays, there are multiple ways for your data to be compromised. Solotech will arm your IT team with a security solution for your computers, networks and data, protecting the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.


User Support
Our team will install, monitor and adjust all audiovisual equipment onsite, by phone, or online. We provide support for any issues that may arise.
Equipment Updates
Our experienced team will perform a technical verification of your equipment and make the necessary updates and corrections to ensure you’re fully operational.
Training for Support Teams
Your businesses’ hybrid work model, and all that entails, requires your IT team to support colleagues on new equipment. Empower them with training on specialized AV technology or software and help them move forward with greater confidence.

Creativity and technology adapted to your unique needs

Cookie-cutter solutions are a thing of the past. Solotech has the equipment and expertise to create hyper-customized solutions for any corporate space.

Collaboration Spaces

Businesses worldwide are looking for new ways to maximize office space and cater to the ways employees enjoy working. Consider the comfort and well-being of employees with optimized lighting, acoustics and cameras in collaboration spaces.

Multifunctional Spaces

Rigid and individual workspaces are no longer popular. Work with Solotech to ensure that your multifunctional spaces are equipped with versatile audiovisual solutions which are flexible enough to cater to the constantly changing needs of your workforce and visiting partners and clients.

Conference Spaces

Most of your conference room meetings now include several employees or clients connecting from remote locations. Poor display clarity and acoustics could compromise the productivity of your meetings. Guarantee a top-of-the-line conferencing environment with Solotech-developed AV solutions and ensure that all participants are fully on board from the first minute to the last.

Digital Signage

Acoustic Panels

Find out how our wide variety of acoustic panels can help you improve sound quality without compromising the aesthetic finish. Our experts will assess your needs and recommend scalable solutions, design and install custom products.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Capture images for diagnosis or have them processed through specialized software for further evaluation, accuracy and report output.

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Interactive Kiosks

Greet employees and visitors with a high-tech interactive kiosk in your lobby or elsewhere in your corporate spaces. Ask us about our turnkey solutions.

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Let’s tackle your next project together.