Thermal Camera Detection Systems

Tablet with body temperature detection camera

Protect your employees and your clients with the all-in-one Tauri system, compatible with Android. It includes a tablet with an integrated touchless thermal camera that measures body temperature in just a few seconds! Use it to quickly identify feverish individuals and thus considerably reduce the risk of contagion.


Products included

– Tablet (available in 10.1″, 15.6″ and 21.5″ formats).
– Infrared camera.
– Various supports and hanging hardware, optional.



Ultra-quick detection technology without physical contact.
Installed by professional technicians from Solotech.
Compatible with your environment and your systems.
Integrated by our programmers (e.g. alert management).
Possibility of controlling several devices by a single user.
Customizable settings.
After-sales service available in English and French.

Sanitation kiosk with digital screen

The versatile Crimson system, which can be placed at the entrance of your store or any other location, allows better control of clients and visitors access, even at peak time. Multifunctional, it detects body temperature without contact and provides the required personal protective equipment.

Grocery stores – Drugstores – Retail stores – Schools – Congress centers – Airports

Products included

– Freestanding kiosk.
– Infrared body temperature detector.
– High resolution digital display screen.
– Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.
– Integrated compartments for protective gloves and masks.


 Station offering all equipment and features required to ensure the safety of your employees and clients.
 Digital screen, allowing you to display results from the touchless body temperature scan, sanitary guidelines, or advertisements.
 Practical and space-saving solution for numerous spaces.

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