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Outstanding sound for the world’s greatest stages or an intimate performance – discover the unmatched quality of our numerous audio solutions.

A circus performance, music concert or special event is nothing without voice, sound and resonance. It’s what shapes the dynamics of the show and leaves audiences with lasting memories. To provide your audience with a unrivalled sound experience, Solotech brings together a team of seasoned audio experts, including sound technicians and operators, who guarantee optimal sound quality while handling all the details. We know that every event and concert is unique and that every environment showcasing it has unique acoustical aspects also. Solotech provides optimal sound reinforcement every time.


Our audio solutions

Our services and equipment are engineered and carefully chosen based on your needs. Solotech ensures a superior sound experience for both the artists and audiences. Take advantage of our complete sound services and high-performance audio systems for a clearly superior audio experience every time!

Our team of audio experts, comprising technicians, operators, designers and engineers, meticulously preps all the audio components of your project so that every detail is attended to for reliable execution of your production.

Sound systems

Audio control


Digital signal processing

Wireless microphone and monitor systems

Communication systems, regular wired and wireless

Acoustics expertise

Sound system design

Spectral analysis

Research and development

Studio, recording and broadcasting

DJ equipment

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Meticulous preparation and reliable execution