The lighting possibilities at Solotech are endless.

From the plot to the rig Solotech has the extensive inventory of equipment and the highly trained experts to put our clients and your projects in the right light.

We offer a wide range of lighting solutions to address every need when illuminating your concert or event. Whether indoors or outdoors, day or night; a small stage or a global tour, Solotech’s experience and creative thinking makes us your ideal lighting partner. Our expertise means we can realize and execute the most challenging of lighting designs.

Solotech - Lighting

What we do

Our lighting specialists and technicians offer everything from turnkey services to 360˚ solutions, tailored to your production needs, guaranteed to exceed your expectations and realize your creative intentions. Combining our lighting and rigging equipment and services, Solotech offers worldwide reliable solutions, durable enough for touring from simple to complex.

Solotech - Lighting

DEL Lighting

Solotech - Lighting

Moving Lights

Solotech - Lighting

Special Effects

Solotech - Lighting

Creative LED Options

Solotech - Lighting

Control and Networking

Solotech - Lighting

Power and Distribution Systems

Solotech - Lighting

Follow Spots

Solotech - Éclairage

Creation and integration of LED light installations

Access an unmatched offering through an exclusive partnership with a company that specializes in light integration and the design of custom LED lighting and video products. Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, in a large space or intimate venue, temporary or permanent, whatever your market segment, anything is possible!

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