If you are planning a concert, a show, or a world tour, then state-of-the-art production lighting is a must! Stage lighting is essential to make an event unique and memorable.

Solotech has the extensive inventory of equipment and the highly trained experts needed for lighting your live events. From LED lighting and spotlights to special effects, we have the means to create an incredible atmosphere.

Our lighting production company offers a wide range of lighting solutions to define, shape and showcase your event, your artists and your stage. Get ready for a stunning result, with effects that perfectly match your concept and venue. We use all the recognized brands in the lighting world, as well as a palette of tools that allow us to create a unique vibe for your project.

Solotech - Lighting

Our Event Lighting Solutions

Our lighting specialists and technicians ensure that you receive a turnkey service tailored to your production needs guaranteed to exceed your expectations and realize your creative intentions.

From the first ray to the last beam of light, give your spectators a dazzling experience!

Solotech - Lighting

LED Lighting

Solotech - Lighting

Moving Lights

Solotech - Lighting

Special Effects

Solotech - Lighting

Creative LED Options

Solotech - Lighting

Control and Networking

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Power and Distribution Systems

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Follow Spots

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Creation and integration of LED light installations

Access a unique offer thanks to an exclusive partnership with a company that specializes in stage lighting design and integration of custom LED lighting and video solutions.

Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, in a large space or intimate venue, temporary or permanent, whatever your market segment, anything is possible!

Learn more about our collaboration with Creative Lab.

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