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Microsoft Teams Rooms​

Helpdesk Services

Following Microsoft’s changes regarding the Microsoft Teams Rooms licenses, the MTR Standard and MTR Premium features are now combined in the new MTR Pro license. ​​

With this new license, you have access to Microsoft Managed Services for proactive monitoring and updating of MTR devices and peripherals.​

​But what if you need to speak with someone?

Microsoft helpdesk

Keep talking to humans with Solotech​

microsoft team rooms


microsoft team rooms
Uninterrupted Live
Human Assistance​
microsoft team rooms
microsoft team rooms
Certified Microsoft
MTR Partner
microsoft team rooms
microsoft team rooms

Single Helpdesk
for Audiovisual
and/or MTR Support​

microsoft team rooms

Solotech’s MTR PRO Helpdesk Services are a complement to Microsoft’s MTR PRO proactive monitoring and management services. 

Our combined expertise provides the customer with a holistic support approach, facilitating the problem-resolution process.

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