Surround Yourself with Better Sound

Cookie-cutter audio and acoustic solutions can often end up sounding flat. You only have one chance to set the mood or communicate an important message. Your sporting venue, shopping mall, educational institution, or convention center deserves an impactful, seamless, and reliable sound experience.

The Solotech team thrives on delivering custom solutions and solving complex challenges for everything from electroacoustic installations and sound reinforcement to sound masking and public address systems. Pair best-in-class talent with the largest selection of certified, high-quality equipment and technology. You’ll like the sound of that!

Our Audio and Acoustics Solutions

You simply cannot find a more experienced, insightful, or qualified team when it comes to audio and acoustic solutions. Our specialists think critically and strategically to deliver solutions that meet the highest industry standards. We know our equipment inside out. Everything we build is built to last.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

Commercial Audio Systems

Combine sound, safety, and peace of mind with a commercial audio system. Let our sound professionals suggest speaker placement and wiring for maximum performance and set the right tone for your retail environment.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

Acoustic Panels and Site-Built Treatment

Transform any space into sound heaven with a custom-designed acoustic treatment. Armed with a deep understanding of how architectural elements affect sound, our specialists will deliver a scalable and intelligent system using certified equipment that combines acoustic quality and aesthetic finish.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

Sound Masking

Open-plan office space? Promote better concentration and prevent accidental eavesdropping with high-quality sound masking. Our carefully designed sound masking systems emit a soft, inconspicuous background sound using your office loudspeaker.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

IP Paging Systems/Intercom

Get your message across in a clear, reliable, and effortless way with a network-connected IP paging system or intercom. Our low-footprint public address systems allow for messaging to a specific room/space or campus-wide without sacrificing sound quality.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

Integrated Audio Systems

Give your audience the sound it deserves with an integrated audio system designed for discerning ears. Our audio systems will enhance sound quality wherever you stand in the room using beamtracking microphones, auto echo cancelling (AEC), digital signal processors, and other certified equipment.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

Ambient and Background Music

Master the art of mood with discreet and scalable indoor and outdoor background sound systems. Our multi-zone sound design allows you to seamlessly control volume in different spaces and stream music and audio wirelessly from any device.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Clarity, speed and reliability are key when delivering simultaneous interpretation. One glitch can cost time and credibility. Our simultaneous interpretation systems are designed to distribute a superior audio signal from an interpreter to many listeners without missing a beat.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

Mass Notification and Voice Alarm

Every second counts in an emergency. Our experts understand this and have designed mass notification and voice alarms that ensure every person hears the communication intended for them.

Solotech - Audio & Acoustics

Push-To-Talk and Voting Systems

Power your next Board of Directors meeting with a state-of-the-art push-to-talk or voting system from Solotech. Seamless audio communication and connectivity will ensure your ability to concentrate on your meeting while the equipment does the rest.

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