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Creating worlds beyond the wildest dreams. That is the capability of extended reality (XR) and Solotech is at the forefront of this technological revolution. Solotech offers the very best equipment and a team of skilled professionals for all your installations needs. When nothing less than a feast for the eyes is what is called for, rely on us.


TV Shows

You never get the chance to make a second first impression, so be sure to ‘’wow’’ them from the very start. Solotech makes your TV spectacle… spectacular! From awards shows to singing competitions to live performances, Solotech’s expert crew is on hand to seamlessly channel all your audio and visual needs and bring that immediacy to the television screen. When the end goal is to make each viewer feel “like I was right there,” Solotech’s installations will ensure you achieve that heightened level of audience engagement.

Film and TV Series

Audiences have come to expect epic productions on their small screens, therefore technology had to make epic advances. Enter real-time in-camera compositing where actors perform alongside interactive lighting, visual effects backgrounds, virtual green screen tracking, or LED video walls. These are synchronized directly on-set to construct a unified physical and digital world to bring viewers awe-inspiring audiovisual experiences that support and even propel storytelling forward.

Music Videos

These ever-popular short films weave together musical talent, performance, sound and imagery into a visual story that can be poignant, whimsical or controversial… and push a song to that #1 spot with millions and millions of views. From camera tracking, 3D rendering, LED lighting systems, Solotech will set up a complete XR-rich environment designed to make artistic expression come to life and ensure that your audience loops in and watches on “repeat”.


Every advertiser’s call to action is to grab a user’s attention, build brand awareness, heighten loyalty and create a buzz. Solotech’s XR-powered technology supports advertisers in their quest to entertain, educate, inspire or purchase. Our state-of-the-art equipment lets you masterfully overlay digital information onto real objects for an immersive experience that feels organic and persuasive. Real-world and simulated content converge to enhance and simplify a user’s digital search experience.

The future is now, and extended reality (XR) that encompasses VR, AR and MR, is the game-changer. “The medium is the message,” declared Marshall McLuhan in 1964, foreshadowing how technology itself would ultimately transform the viewing experience. However, even he could not have predicted the scope of today’s technological advances that create spellbinding, immersive experiences meant to challenge and engage viewer’s imaginations.

You can count on Solotech’s forward-thinking expertise and talent, on-set support, and solution-driven innovations to deliver a complete XR production environment. Combined, these resources enable you to successfully navigate that thin line between real life and digital capabilities… and push the envelope into the future.


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· Media Servers and Playback
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· Follow Spots
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· Chain Motors and Hoists
· Ground Support Structures
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