Waveform has been involved with DreamHack for several years, partnering with ESL Gaming to plan, produce, and operate various components of each edition.  

In 2019, Waveform served as the production partner for DreamHack Atlanta and Montreal, managing the design and production of large-scale stages for the event.  

This partnership continued in 2020 when Waveform took on the role of production partner for DreamHack Anaheim, where they designed, produced, and executed stages, broadcast elements, and live content.  

In 2022, Waveform’s involvement expanded to become the DreamHack’s exclusive production in North America. At DreamHack Dallas, Waveform played a crucial role in bringing areas such as the Creator Hub, Merch Booths, and the Collegiate Rocket League stage to life.  

Most recently, in 2023, Waveform partnered with ESL Gaming and DreamHack to plan, produce, and operate various components of DreamHack San Diego, including the Creator Hub, Merch Booths, Entrance Arch, Fan Experiences, and the RLCS Finals.  

Over these years, Waveform’s team has been involved in all process aspects, from development and ideation to design, building, and execution.