Hong Kong International Airport

  • Hong Kong, China
Custom 4.0 mm fire-resistant LED panels, custom LED wall system, custom designed glass floor for interactive LED panels, fully redundant LED processors, interactive media servers, Lidar scanners (laser imaging, detection and telemetry), NAS backup servers, industrial computers, flexible accent lighting, custom fire-resistant light fixtures, network audio processors, full-range speakers, custom fire-resistant interactive speakers

Often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Hong Kong is a captivating, unique city where East and West and technological modernism and ancient traditions coexist. No wonder, then, that millions of tourists visit Hong Kong every year, most of whom pass through Hong Kong International Airport, located on a man-made island 30 kilometres west of downtown.  

Solotech was delighted to contribute its extensive audio-visual expertise to the innovative Journey of Discovery project to fully transform the passenger experience at this iconic airport.

Virtual immersion in nature

Since 2021, waiting passengers have enjoyed impressive multimedia zones that create a soothing yet natural atmosphere: the crystal elevator (centre) and the waterfall gardens (north and south ends). Under the coordination of Senior Project Manager Alexandre Matheson, all Solotech teams worked in concert to design, supply and install the various audio, video, lighting and control systems required in record time in the middle of a global health crisis.

Important precautions

Most of the equipment was custom designed and manufactured to meet the building’s many constraints. The airport’s ceiling couldn’t support the weight of sprinklers, so all the audio-visual equipment used had to be fireproof, which was a major challenge. Solotech’s tenacious and ingenious technicians worked closely with several suppliers to create certified equipment, including concrete enclosed speakers and light fixtures as well as fire-resistant LED panels.

An installation at an unusual time

“Solotech was awarded this project in February 2020. With the onset of the pandemic, Solotech’s work became nearly impossible. We had to learn how to execute a multi-million-dollar project remotely. Solotech collaborated with the Hong Kong International Airport, its team of consultants and contractors, its vendors, and local installation labor to find technical solutions to move the project forward.  We are very proud to have overcome these obstacles. Our team’s dedication and hard work result in a breathtaking Interactive Multimedia Experience for all visitors to enjoy”

— Bob Barbagallo, Senior Vice President of International Development.

Journey of Discovery has received industry-wide acclaim. The project won an award at the Digital Signage Awards 2023 in the Public Spaces category. It was a great honour for Solotech to have contributed to it. 

Project design: Moment Factory