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Axess Online Portal and Services

A platform that centralizes all your account-specific information and allows you to keep an overview of your account operations and support ticket requests.

A tool updated in real time and accessible 24/7 via a secure connection.

Customizable dashboards built to suit the evolving needs of your business and users.

Axess b2b Online portal and services

Create a Support Request

Axess is a simple extension of our Service Centre infrastructure, accessible remotely, to create a support ticket request. It allows us to obtain, in real time, all the information required to process your request.

This means less interaction, and much faster access to our Service Team.

Request Status

At a glance, view the status, priority level, and geographic location of your AV support ticket requests.

Previous Interventions

Consult equipment maintenance reports, prepared by our AV experts, as well as photos and technical notes prepared by our AV experts.

Your Customer Portal allows for full transparency of our processes.

Quickly With Solotech

From your Customer Portal, contact our Service Team directly.

We are immediately notified when you publish new information or comments.

Keep Control of Your Operations

Axess compiles Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tables that are chosen by you and custom-built by our team to suit your specific needs.

Access and manage all requests and establish priorities to control and follow-up on AV support ticket requests in your key offices or locations.

Take advantage of a fully integrated view of your AV equipment pool performance.

Axess: a smart platform combined with professional support to help you manage your AV equipment support ticket requests and priorities.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back!

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