Key Contact


T 514.526.7721


Philip Giffard, Vice-president, sales and integration: 514 370-5259, [email protected]

Mike Poirier, Director of Business Development: ext. 5265, [email protected]
(Broadcasting solutions)/ Radio and television studios, Broadcasting, etc.

Pierre Vendé, International projects: ext. 5260, [email protected]
(Audio, lighting, video) / Radio and television studios, Broadcasting, etc.

Frederic Senay, Sales representative: ext. 5217, [email protected]
(Digital signage, L.E.D. screens & intelligent transportation systems) / Stores, Shopping centers, Transit authorities, Train stations, Airports, Stadiums, etc.

Daniel Lecocq, Sales representative: ext. 5271, [email protected]
(Conference rooms and video conferencing) / Corporative and Government

Mathieu Taillon, Sales representative: ext. 5272, [email protected]
(Audio, lighting, video) / Venues, Theatres, Circuses, etc.

Mario Lessard, Sales representative: ext. 5240, [email protected]
(Sound and recording)) / Theatres, Venues, Television studios and recording, Acoustic, etc.

Bob Barbagallo, International projects: ext. 5241, [email protected]
(Audio, lighting, video) / Venues, Theatres, Circuses, Amusement parks, etc.

Kevin Rhoades: ext. 5287, [email protected]
Customer Service

SOLOTECH EXPRESS: [email protected]


Martin Chouinard, Executive Vice President, Rental Division: ext. 3608, [email protected]

Richard Lafortune, Vice-president : 514-526-7721 ext.5212,[email protected]
Media and Culture Industry:

Robert Toméo, Vice-president : 514-370-5238, [email protected]
Corporate and Event Industry:

Michael Robert, Representative: 514-526-7721 ext.5268, [email protected]
Emerging Culture Development:

Mario Robert, Representative: 514-370-5266, [email protected]
Renting and Events Division:

Location Express:

Technical Advisors:
François Desjardins, Director Research and technological development: [email protected]
Sound: David Brazeau, Sounds Advisor : [email protected]
Video: Sébastien Lovsé, video Advisor: [email protected]
Light and Rigging: Antoine Malette, Light and Rigging Advisor: [email protected]

Rental – Touring and International Events:

Richard Lachance, First Vice-president, Touring: [email protected]


Service Department:

855-526-5003, [email protected]


514-526-7721 ext. 5516, [email protected]


514-526-7721 ext. 5278, [email protected]