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Clear-Com, 5-channel Full-duplex FreeSpeak II Digital Beltpack



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FreeSpeak II 2.4GHz Beltpack

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The five-channel, full-duplex FreeSpeak II digital beltpack was uniquely designed for the rigorous demands of large-scale operations and continuous communication use.


Drop-in charging port with built-in USB battery and beltpack charging capability Four programmable pushbuttons, two rotary encoders and a reply button Internal antenna no antenna breakage or damage Listen Again audio memory to replay last 15 seconds of audio Long battery usage typically 18 hours of continuous talk time Menu driven display, which can be partially or completely restricted Over-the-air beltpack easy registration and regionalization Real-time monitoring of battery per beltpack Secure system beltpacks are registered to a particular base station or Matrix Strong metallic beltclip and shoulder strap points Technicians flash light on rear Two battery options rechargeable Li-Ion cells or disposable Alkaline AA Batteries Up to five communication routes per beltpack, each with a 5 or 10 character label