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> News > 5 minutes with… Charlie Marchand, Project Manager, Systems Integration

5 minutes with… Charlie Marchand, Project Manager, Systems Integration

5 minutes with… Charlie Marchand, Project Manager, Systems Integration

Solotech showcases the talent that underpins its unmatched expertise. We spoke to Charlie Marchand, Project Manager, Systems Integration.

Q: Could you describe your typical workday?

CM: A typical day is a busy day! I need to make sure everyone’s on the same page and act as the communications contact between our customers and Solotech’s various teams. I’ll have several meetings to review Solotech’s solutions and ensure that the client’s needs and expectations are met, and that everyone understands what’s required. Moreover, I need to pass on information to our teams, find solutions, and ensure they’re implemented. Within a large team, it’s essential for everyone to pitch in; I often put on my boots and deliver equipment myself to make sure our technicians have everything they need on site.

Q: How did your career path lead you to Solotech?

CM: I came to Solotech with project management experience. Originally, I acquired my skills in the medical equipment manufacturing industry, completely unrelated to AV. This background honed my rigor and sharpened my curiosity. Project management is my passion.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

CM: I love being able to break down a major project into distinct, precise parts. I love gathering information and bringing it together, leading a team to deliver the final “big picture”.

Q: Is there a favourite project you’ve worked on?

CM: My favourite project is currently ongoing: the M.A.A. club. This project has been handled by several people, but I’ve been able to put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s very motivating to see the progress as the months go by and what our team can achieve. Supporting our customers during the roll-out of this project has also been a highlight of this project. This client loves its historic building, and being able to take part in a project like this with a passionate client is one of the best perks of my job.

Q: What sets Solotech apart as a workplace?

CM: Enthusiasm, creativity, but above all, mutual support. From design to drawings, coordination to warehousing, there’s always someone willing to listen and help. To me, that’s where the Solotech team’s strength lies.

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