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5 minutes with…Pete Heller

5 minutes with…Pete Heller

Solotech introduces the talent behind its unparalleled and world-renowned expertise.  

We sat down with Pete Heller, Business Representative for the Sales & Systems Integration Division in the New York and New Jersey markets.


Q: Thanks for taking the time to join us, Pete. Your role is certainly dynamic. Could you walk us through a typical day for you at Solotech? 

Pete Heller: Absolutely! Each day presents a fresh and exciting adventure. No two days look alike, and it’s part of what I love about my job. 


Q: How did your career’s journey lead you to Solotech?

PH: My entire career has revolved around AV. After college, I managed a TV Studio and Broadcast Non-Commercial Radio Station at a university in Northern New Jersey. Following that, I became a Product Specialist at Panasonic, supporting all their professional audio and video products. For the last two decades, I’ve held diverse leadership roles, notably propelling a $20 million integrator into a global powerhouse with a billion-dollar presence.


Q: Was a career in the AV industry your childhood dream? 

PH: I initially aspired to become an FM Radio DJ. In my youth, FM radio was our equivalent of the internet today.


Q: What aspect of your current job brings you the most satisfaction? Is there an “on-air giveaway” or a “spinning that perfect song” moment for you at Solotech  

PH: My proudest moments here come from building tailored solutions that meet our customers’ needs perfectly.


Q: Is there a particular project you’ve worked on at Solotech that stands out for you?  

PH: I’m currently working on some very cool projects. One involves designing a sound system for a boutique hotel near Central Park in New York. Another that sticks out involves a significant museum in New York. There’s also a Canadian command center that we are starting to design. Working with our clients, understanding their vision, and getting creative to achieve their goals is always exciting. 


Q: What sets Solotech apart from the competition? 

PH: During my first visit to our Montréal headquarters, I was blown away by the people and the culture of our organization. From sales and operations to a component-level service center, a woodshop, fitness center, jam room –all under one roof. Beyond that, Solotech provides an unparalleled combination of touring experience, rental, systems integration with design services, in-house lighting design and rigging, and cutting-edge XR capabilities – again, all under one roof. 


Q: What technological developments in the industry excite you the most? 

PH: I find the evolution of immersive audio as well as professional video and audio over IP systems fascinating. Technology has really evolved at such an exponential rate, and Solotech is able to offer incredible AV solutions today that would have been unimaginable even 30 years ago.  


Q: What do you think the future has in store for Solotech 

PH: With the world-class manufacturers we work with, the key acquisitions Solotech has made, and the opening of new offices around the world, there’s no doubt we’ll continue to expand globally.


Q: Is there something that Solotech doesn’t talk enough about?    

PH: That we are not merely another systems integratorwe offer real time solutions thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise in touring and rental. We can even service your broken products! Whatever your needs, Solotech can deliver.  


Q: Thanks for this, Pete! Let’s end on a lighthearted note – where is your favorite place to travel?    

PH: The broadcasting nerd in me says Amsterdam; I love being there for the annual International Broadcasting Convention. 

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