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5-minutes with…Athan Antoniadis

5 minutes with ATHAN ANTONIADIS

Solotech introduces the talent behind its unparalleled and world-renowned expertise.  

Get to know Athan Antoniadis, newly appointed Lighting Project Manager for Solotech in Las Vegas.


Q: Congratulations on your new position, Athan! You’ve been with the company since 2009 – what does a typical workday look like for you these days?

Athan Antoniadis: We have an incredible team here, and it’s my responsibility to manage the projects that come through our shop. From entering the orders into our system, to booking the crew and equipment necessary to get the show up and running, prepping and loading gear; these productions wouldn’t happen without attention to detail and precise execution.


Q: What does your road to Solotech look like?

AA: My first gig was as a technician at my high school theatre back in 2000. I got my first job in the industry when I turned 16, working for a local lighting company in the San Francisco Bay area. At 17 I started working in a club on weekends, mixing sound and running lights. After finishing high school, I spent a few years working for a good friend at his newly founded company, growing it into a major regional rental house. I also spent time working as a stagehand at IATSE Local 16. I moved to Las Vegas in 2008, found Solotech a year later, and haven’t looked back since!


Q: What was your dream job growing up?

AA: Confession time: Top Gun was my favorite movie growing up, so I wanted to be a fighter pilot…turns out I’m no Tom Cruise.


Q: What is the best part of your job?

AA: I get to interact with awesome people every day; from our incredible clients to our technicians in the shop and in the field – we wouldn’t be able to pull off such fantastic shows and events without a group of amazing people.


Q: What’s been your favorite project since starting with Solotech?

AA: My favorite project would have to be the Justin Timberlake 2020 Experience World Tour. It was an amazing experience with equally amazing people onstage and behind the scenes. It opened many doors for me in my career, and I forged a lot of lasting friendships thanks to that show. Honourable mention to Robert Plant; he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and a true pleasure to work with.


Q: What would you say sets Solotech apart?

AA: I think it’s the people, and how we’re all able to work so well together to achieve the end result. I vividly remember a production manager on a tour I worked on who regularly complimented us on how well we worked together and how we would help each other out, regardless of what department we were in. Turns out teamwork really does make the dream work!


Q: What excites you most about the evolving tech in your division?

AA: I’m passionate about tech and how we’re able to constantly keep up to date on the latest gear and apply it to its full potential. Staying informed on the latest technology, keeping our productions cutting edge, and applying the gear to its maximum potential is what excites me about coming into work every day.


Q: What do you see in Solotech’s future?

AA: I see a lot of growth on the horizon, especially here in Las Vegas. We’re in a great location geographically to serve our existing clients and expand our client base, not only in Las Vegas but all along the west coast.


Q: What’s something not everyone knows about Solotech that we should be talking about more?

AA: We’re all really nice people – come on in and say hi!


Q: Where is your favorite place to travel?

AA: I love visiting Montreal both for work and as a tourist. I think my favorite places I’ve been working on a tour would have to be Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Russia, and Australia.




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