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Immersive Innovation

Solotech’s XR Studios at the forefront of entertainment production technology.

Solotech’s XR Studios Redefining Virtual Production

Los Angeles-based XR Studios, a prominent member of the Solotech group, is making waves in the entertainment industry with its cutting-edge immersive technology. PLSN sat down with J.T. Rooney, President of XR studios, to learn more about the leaders of the entertainment production technology space.

Renowned for its expertise in crafting Extended Reality (XR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, XR Studios has collaborated with a diverse array of artists and brands, including Katy Perry, Riot Games, Amazon, and more. Their work at the forefront of mixed reality technology spans broadcast, live events, and virtual productions.

XR Studios has embraced the evolution of technology, expanding beyond multi-camera broadcasts, pushing boundaries in producing music videos, commercials, and more. As the virtual production landscape evolves, XR Studios remains committed to educating clients and partners about its potential. By demystifying the technology and dispelling misconceptions, they enable meaningful collaborations and unparalleled creative exploration.

With an eye on the future, XR Studios are excited about the integration of real-time content creation tools and the rapid advancements of AI, which are poised to reshape the industry.

Read the full article and learn more about how XR Studios is revolutionizing production technology by clicking here.

Source: PLSN (August 11), XR Studios




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