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Matchbox Twenty’s Slow Dream Tour


A 360-Degree, Sonic Evolution by Solotech.

Matchbox Twenty‘s long-awaited Slow Dream Tour is finally up and running; the realization of the band’s postponed 2020 tour, which was impacted by the pandemic. The tour, in support of their new album “Where the Light Goes,” has taken them across North America, with plans for future shows in Australia and New Zealand.

Solotech, working from their Nashville office, has provided audio, video, lighting, and rigging solutions. A versatile L-Acoustics-based sound system allows the performance to adapt to a range of venues, from arenas seating 19,000 to smaller theaters with a capacity of 6,000. The system also supports Matchbox Twenty’s evolving sonic palette while maintaining tonal consistency.

The tour does pose its challenges, particularly in RF coordination, due to the planning of 53 channels that include IEMs, backline wireless, wireless mics, and wireless reference mics. The team utilizes creative solutions to ensure a flawless performance from venue to venue.

To read the full article, and discover how the Slow Dream Tour has consistently delivered outstanding productions, click here.

Source: Live Sound International (July, 2023), Staying in Balance; Matchbox Twenty’s sonic evolution unfolds on the Slow Dream Tour




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