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Solotech Live Productions’ Mickey Curbishley talks at the ILMC

A few weeks ago, we were proud to continue our partnership with the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) at their Futures Forum in London.

This one-day discussion and networking event has one eye very much on the future and looks to discuss, understand, and address topics that the live music industry face in the coming years. Among the discussions was the green agenda. Specifically, what we as an industry, can do to help mitigate our impact on climate change.

As an industry luminary with more than forty years’ experience, Mickey Curbishley, President of Solotech’s Global Live Production Division, was asked to lend his own thoughts on the topic. He kicked off by talking about a particular tour, one that really helped to move the needle in the industry.

“One of the earliest projects I remember impacting sustainability was the Jonas Brothers “Happiness Begins” tour back in 2019.”

“They designed a show which used around 600 moving lights. Initially this was designed using a traditional incandescent lamp, and when we calculated the power requirements we realised we needed 4 x 300 amp supplies.”

“Most of the venues could supply 2 x 300-amp feeds, which meant that we would be bringing in generators for a great deal of the shows. Over a 6-month period the financial and environmental cost was staggering!”

“Working with Baz Halpin and the team at Silent House Productions, we came up with an idea to use a new range of LED lights, instead of the incandescent lamps. It didn’t take much time to persuade everyone of the benefits.”

“Unknowingly, the Jonas Brothers had a really positive impact on the touring industry. As for Solotech, we have continued along the path of migrating as many of our lighting fixtures as possible to LED.”

But Mickey acknowledges that there’s a long way to go. Working closer, smarter, and more efficiently is how the industry can help to deliver a real impact. “We all have our part to play”

“The longer the lead time we have to plan, organise, and prepare to get ready for that first show, the less of an impact we, as a business, will have on the environment.”

“The show will always go on, we will make sure of that, but shorter turnarounds create more pressure on the supply chain. We have to keep working closely with our clients and promoters and educate them where we can.”

“We’ve come a long way, and there is a lot of new, fresh energy coming into the industry, and that’s great, but we have a long way still to go. We’re all on a journey. Through product innovation, collaboration, and operational excellence, Solotech are determined to help make a difference.”

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