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Solotech’s AV Solutions Enhance Historic Venues

The article titled “New Life for Old Venues” in InAVation magazine highlights Solotech’s expertise in providing AV upgrades for historic buildings, allowing them to stay competitive and relevant in the modern era.

The feature specifically mentions Tim Mortimer, Business Development Manager for Systems Integration at Wigwam, a Solotech company, and his experience working on cathedrals like York Minster in the UK.

The article emphasizes the challenges faced by technicians when modernizing these centuries-old venues while preserving their architectural integrity. The innovative techniques used by the original builders, designed for amplification in the absence of electricity, often conflict with modern AV requirements. Solotech’s approach involves finding solutions that blend seamlessly with the architecture while meeting contemporary needs. The ability to provide such solutions demonstrates a commitment to preserving the original look and feel of historic buildings while enhancing the audience’s listening experience.

The feature also discusses the increasing trend of older venues, including arenas, houses of worship, concert halls, and museums, seeking AV upgrades to offer modern experiences and attract visitors. Solotech’s expertise in delivering state-of-the-art AV systems is highlighted, along with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by historic venues. Venues are facing a need to generate additional revenue streams and adapt to a changing market. Solotech’s AV solutions help them become multipurpose and accommodate various events, such as corporate functions and product launches, while still maintaining the essence of their original purpose.

In essence, Solotech’s expertise in providing AV upgrades for historic venues allows them to strike a balance between preserving the past and embracing the future. Their solutions enable venues to deliver immersive experiences, compete with modern destinations, attract new audiences, and ensure their long-term sustainability in a rapidly evolving industry.

For more details, read the full article here.

Source: InAVate (June, 2023), New Life For Old Venues




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