Complexe Desjardins

Lighting control console, also available on iPadgrandMA console, RPU modelFiber optic DMX distributionCrestron processor coupled to an Interactive Technology unitRemote control and monitoring via a live camera system

An automated lighting system for Desjardins

To assert its presence, downtown Montreal-based Desjardins had a dynamic architectural lighting system installed. The system is a design by Lightemotion and its colors change like an “urban clock.” Solotech was contracted to develop, install and program the automated system to control 150 LED devices spread over the three towers of the building.

Solotech is proud to have developed a reliable 24/7 system. Its complex programming was integrated in a simplified way for a user-friendly feel. The combination of a Crestron processor with an Interactive Technology unit and iPad tablets offers users a better experience with automation, remote control and monitoring.