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A Communications Renovation

Most business relationships don’t happen over night. This one has evolved over the past 15 years as the result of professionalism, attention and true caring.

The first major project occurred in 2010, the client hired an audiovisual consultant to revamp their offices and CBCI Telecom responded to their request for proposal (RFP) in Montreal and Toronto, winning both audiovisual projects worth over 2 million dollars.

Over the years, on smaller projects, this client tried other audiovisual companies but when it came time to refresh all their major boardrooms, they opted to work once again with CBCI as their trusted audiovisual advisors and their reference of choice for audiovisual and videoconferencing needs.

The renovation project of a banquet hall consisted of reimagining the appearance and user experience of the space and integrating 4 rooms that could be transformed and adapted to the firm’s various corporate activities, such as cocktail parties, conferences, forums and a meeting place for business discussions.

From boardrooms to banquet halls

Although it might look seemingly simple with several specific criteria in place, this project came with a number of challenges. Preserving the firm’s image and reputation is a significant element, hence respecting the aesthetic aspect of the premises was crucial.

A restaurant occupied the upper floor and the ceiling structure was built with a power supply from a commercial firewall system with a very compact partition, leaving little room for the installation of the cables required for the new AV system network. To get around these obstacles (both figurative and literal), the engineer-designer and the programmer invested countless hours over long days, evenings and weekends.

In addition, unexpected changes such as the replacement of custom tiles and carpeting considerably shortened timelines to complete this project. The combination of space-time constraints obviously created a domino effect when working in a small interior space and CBCI had to be stealthy to prevent it all from affecting the budget and the project delivery date.

Protecting the bottom line and the deadline

The CBCI team stayed focused to deliver the project within the promised timeframe and according to all expectations.

A ceiling-mounted projection system with sound consoles and 64 distributed microphones were installed to offer the flexibility of modulating the large room into several divided zones.

With the law firm convinced of CBCI’s unwavering commitment to expert audiovisual solutions and excellent customer service, a national contract is now underway for the construction of the next offices across Canada. The continued strengthening of relationships and the role of the CBCI service team will be essential for the support and continuity of their legal firm’s customer experience.