Maren Morris

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In 2019, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Maren Morris embarked on a 60+ date world tour in support of her sophomore record, Girl. With Maren’s career skyrocketing the production design needed to be impressive for her growing fan base and a reflection of Maren’s personal style. Production designer Travis Shirley collaborated with Morris, a Solotech company, to bring this intricate and sophisticated vision to life.

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Travis Shirley and Morris, a Solotech company, have worked together on numerous successful tours including Christina Aguilera, FGL and Old Dominion.

“Solotech is a wonderful company, who I honestly can’t say enough good things about,” Shirley said to PLSN. “They are small enough to provide me with the attention that I need but big enough to have the infrastructure, gear and crew to turn out some of the biggest shows out there.”
Shirley felt the GLP Impression X4s were an obvious choice for the ground-supported side light element that brought drama and class to look of the set. Saturated washes and eye-catching beam effects brought contrast and a sense of depth to the multi-level scenic elements.


To accommodate the wide range of users, it was crucial that the system could be run in ‘basic’ or ‘advanced’ modes. This was achieved with the selection of an Allen & Heath IDR matrix mixer and an intuitive RTI interface. In the basic mode, just the lectern mics can be switched on and controlled directly from the lectern position. The custom-built lectern also gives speakers the ability to select different sources for the projector and foldback screen. The advanced mode is suited for a full live stage production, controlled from the balcony’s front of house position.