Matchbox Twenty

L-Acoustics PA system: K1/K2 mains, K3 side arrays, KS28 subs and ARCS and X8 fill speakersFOH console: SSL L550 main console with an Allen & Heath Cti 1500 backup consoleMonitor console: Avid S6L-32DShure Axient wireless for lead vocalShure PSM1000 for wireless in-ear monitorsL-Acoustics P1 processors to drive the PA systemM1 measurement software to measure audio response in the roomInterfacing with LA Network Manager for balancing and tuning of the entire sound system665x SACO S6 Video Tile2x Disguise gx2c Server with Notch12x Astera Titan Tube12x Astera Helios Tube28x Chauvet Maverick Storm 224x GLP Impression X4Bar 2030x GLP Impression X4Bar 1048x Robe MegaPointe8x Robe iSpiider2x MDG The One Touring2x MDG Ice Fog Q2x Martin Jem AF 1 Fan2x MA Lighting grandMA34x MA Lighting grandMA3 processing unit MLiftket Chainhoist Motors including ½ Ton, 1 Ton, and 2 Ton14deg GT custom truss bars


Over the past three decades, Matchbox Twenty has consistently captivated fans from all walks of life with their timeless hits. From their multi-platinum debut album “Yourself or Someone Like You” in 1996 to their latest release, “Where the Light Goes” in 2023, the band’s connection with their supporters has been undeniable. Matchbox Twenty’s infectious blend of alternative rock, post-grunge, and pop has made their performances legendary, filling the largest arenas and venues worldwide. This year, for their highly anticipated Slow Dream tour, the band turned to Solotech, a global leader in audiovisual entertainment technology, to help execute their vision in providing an extraordinary concert experience.

“I think it’s important to point out that the band plays everything you hear coming out of the speakers every night. We use a tiny bit of track (boys’ choir) in one song, but every other guitar, keyboard and vocal is organic and played live by the band. There are fewer and fewer bands that do that these days.”

-Jim Yakabuski, FOH Audio – Solotech


In previous years, Matchbox Twenty relied on multiple vendors to meet their diverse production needs. However, for their latest tour, the band sought a more streamlined approach. Solotech’s comprehensive expertise in large-scale productions, encompassing audio, video, lighting, and rigging services, made them the top choice. By leveraging Solotech’s experience and expertise, Matchbox Twenty was able to offer their fans a truly immersive live production experience.


Jim Yakabuski, Solotech’s Director of Audio Projects, Live Productions, was once again entrusted with overseeing the audio component of the 360-degree offering. With a long-standing relationship spanning two decades, Yakabuski’s expertise and familiarity with the band’s sound proved invaluable. Having previously mixed front-of-house for Matchbox Twenty in 2003, 2011/2012, and 2017, as well as Rob Thomas on his solo tours since 2009, Yakabuski’s role exemplifies the best in enduring partnerships.


When it comes to audio quality, Yakabuski affirmed that they employed the “best of the best” in PA systems and mixing consoles, ensuring a pristine sonic experience for concertgoers. This commitment to excellence reflects Solotech’s dedication to delivering unparalleled sound reproduction and clarity. Jim says, “I toured with Solotech in the past as a “client”, and now that I’m part of the Solotech audio team in Nashville, and also out here mixing FOH for Matchbox Twenty, I get to enjoy our great equipment and great people every day and see the fruits of our collective labor.” With him at FOH is Ben Malone from Solotech’s Toronto office, as the L-Acoustics Systems Engineer. Working together to achieve audio harmony as a global team, and to provide the band, and the fans, with the best experience, is at the very heart of every show.


In the production of a grand event like Matchbox Twenty’s Slow Dream tour, adaptability is crucial. Emile Toca, Technical Manager of Solotech’s Production Team, recognizes the significance of equipment that performs flawlessly in various weather conditions. To ensure a seamless experience in both arenas and amphitheaters, careful consideration was given to a selection of reliable, top-notch solutions, with the integration of high-performance lighting capabilities with weather-resistant features. Chauvet Maverick Storm 2s and Robe iSpiiders were chosen for their IP65 rating, striking the perfect balance between functionality and durability, and enabling the production team to create stunning visual effects without compromising safety and performance quality. By choosing equipment that can withstand environmental challenges, the visual spectacle remains unaffected, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the performance, regardless of the weather. Eric Cere, Lighting Crew Chief, and Maxime Gosselin, Dimmer Technician, are at the center of providing meticulous attention to detail, in collaboration with Lighting Director Fraser MacKeen and Show Designer Sooner Rae Routhier. With an emphasis on adaptability, Matchbox Twenty’s Slow Dream tour continues to deliver extraordinary experiences, come rain or shine.


Solotech’s creative approach included using Astera Titan and Helios Tubes – moveable wireless tube lighting – facilitating quick and efficient stage redressing with minimal crew requirements. The choice to incorporate wireless lighting props into the production demonstrates the commitment to utilizing innovative technology that enhances the overall concert experience. By leveraging the portability and flexibility of the Astera Titan and Helios Tubes, the crew can focus on delivering a visually captivating performance while minimizing logistical complexities. By eliminating the need for excessive cabling and reducing trip hazards, the commitment to safety and efficiency is further demonstrated. Combining convenience, efficiency, and safety, has allowed Matchbox Twenty’s Slow Dream tour to shine brightly, elevating the concert experience for both the band and their devoted fans.


Behind the scenes of Matchbox Twenty’s Slow Dream tour, Solotech’s rigging department played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the production’s intricate rigging requirements. With their expertise and ingenuity, the team delivered customized truss accessories that brought the designer’s vision to life, creating a visually stunning and dynamic stage setup. From flying elaborate set pieces to supporting lighting fixtures and video screens, Solotech’s rigging solutions were tailored to match the unique demands of the performance. By offering an all-encompassing rigging package, Solotech ensured a cohesive and efficient workflow, allowing the production team to focus on delivering an unforgettable experience.


Matchbox Twenty’s Slow Dream Tour had sought to harness the power of cutting-edge audiovisual entertainment technology, transporting their fans into a world of sensory wonder. From Server Engineer, Ian Bertrand’s immersive video projections, to mesmerizing lighting designs, every element in the collaboration was meticulously curated to enhance the emotional connection between the band and their audience. Solotech’s ability to deliver customized, 360-degree, state-of-the-art solutions has made them a world-renowned global leader among artists seeking to elevate performances to extraordinary levels.

Paul Doucette – Creative Director

Curtis Adams – Production Designer

Sooner Routhier – Production Designer

Raw Cereal – Video Content Creation (Anders Rahm, Grant Draper, Cort Lawrence)

Nick Van Nostrand – Associate Lighting Designer/Lighting Programmer

Fraser MacKeen – Lighting Director

Joshua Stuart – Video Programmer

Allison Ciccarelli – Creative Producer

Niccolo Cascino – Creative Manager