Red Bull Crashed Ice

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Combining speed, sound and light!

Since the early 2000’s, Red Bull Crashed Ice has become known as one of the most exciting winter sporting events worldwide, in which expert skaters hurtle down an ice track up to 600 meters in length. The event has been held dozens of times since the first-ever race, bringing together hundreds of thousands of spectators in cities and countries around the world. Each event is a show in itself: music, entertainment, and most of all, a thrilling track lit up at night.

Solotech has been supporting Red Bull Crashed Ice for years

In partnership with Gestev (event producer), Solotech has been the supplier of audio, video and lighting solutions for many years. Though the production needs vary from year to year, Solotech responsively adjusts its equipment and crew based on the sites, which are always a challenge: mountains, cold, specific needs for TV, daytime and nighttime entertainment, among others. During the finals of the 2017 World Championship in Ottawa, Solotech supplied an impressive team of 75 technicians onsite to ensure outstanding technical installations throughout the entire track. It required an massive 300 moving lights, 1,500 lighting fixtures, 150 loudspeakers and 100 m2 of video screens!