W Hotel

  • Montreal
Elevator ControlsDesk Reservation SystemInternet and Telephone Telecommunications ServiceVideowall

A hotel that lives up to its stars

The hotel and restaurant industry never takes a break. With customers coming and going around the clock from every corner of the world, trying to meet everyone’s diverse demands is always a great challenge. And there comes the white glove service to smooth things out, re-establish a pristine tranquility and preserve the image of the establishment in the customer’s eyes. After all, it’s how the market’s coveted stars are earned!

Following 4 years of planning, the hotel project is the result of the gathering of minds of architecture and design experts, engineers and professionals from the artistic and technological world. The goal? To create a place that will delight the senses.

CBCI was involved in the consultation mandate to provide recommendations on the electronic infrastructure, Internet connectivity networking and audiovisual facilities required to create a quality technological environment in the hotel’s common areas on the ground floor and mezzanine level.

Endless moving parts

Carrying out this project in a “we-never-close” industry added an extra element of complexity to the job.

Working with a reverse engineering concept where all the affected spaces need to be redesigned, relocated and rebuilt according to the new dimensions of the future spaces is tricky, to say the least. Because the existing system has to remain functional until the gradual transition to the new audiovisual system is completed, part of the existing system has to be preserved so that the new system can be connected to it. It’s the smart (and only) way to keep all the rooms on the ground floor and mezzanine up and running.

The moment of truth in one click

When your establishment is known for its cutting-edge technology, something as critical as your Wi-Fi being down can put your 5-star hotel rating in jeopardy.

The entire electrical and mechanical setup of the hotel is all interconnected throughout this complex network. From elevator controls to the front desk’s reservation sytems, including the internet and telephone telecommunications service and music in the lobby and restaurants, the endless variety of amenities and services offered in a hotel must be available 24 hours a day. CBCI has been tasked to put in place the systems that will keep it all running with impeccable fluidity. Imagine stepping into a room with a videowall, built from 9 TVs of 55 inches put together with the latest technology, subwoofers and surrounding audio system, projecting your next trip in the lushy green jungle of the Amazon forest, with monkeys howling and the most vibrant coloured orchids hung to giant trees. A walk into the dreamiest place is made possible by CBCI’s technology.

Of course, the ultimate test was performed at the click of a button when the existing system was transferred to the new scalable and interactive model that oversee this ingenious electronic architecture.

CBCI’s reputation in the hotel industry is on the rise. Its team of dedicated experts knows how to think differently to innovate and succeed despite unexpected challenges. This project is a work in progress and is continuously evolving with the establishment’s ongoing operations to keep the hotel hustling and bustling for years to come.