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Business & Retail

In this era of modernization, businesses are looking for highly effective and easy-to-use communication and interactive technology solutions. Solotech’s collaborative solutions and audiovisual technologies allow you to seamlessly engage with stakeholders, colleagues, guests and customers. The reliable multimedia systems, available from Solotech, will save you both time and money. Take advantage of our tremendous buying power by choosing from our extensive range of state-of-the-art products; you will be amazed at the wealth of options we can offer. Let an audiovisual advantage allow you to stand out and deliver a superior customer experience. The Solotech difference also includes turnkey services provided by our specialists, who have developed a trusted relationship with stakeholders in the business and government sectors. They know exactly what solutions are right for you to ensure your employees and customers benefit from the best technology.

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Thanks to the variety of sectors we continuously serve, we have the most advanced equipment, and more importantly, we know how to customize any project through our wealth of experience and the knowledge of our expert team.

Our work has been seen and applauded over and over! Our footprint is all over the world, at prestigious events, in well-known installations, on small and large projects; demonstrating that everything is possible and that your success is guaranteed with Solotech.

Offices / Meeting Spaces

Offices / Meeting Spaces

Contributing to organizational growth has long been a core tenet of Solotech. Business is often conducted on an international scale today, and the need for tools to connect professionals is essential. Our certified experts are here to provide you with reliable solutions and personalized training. Let us help you increase your productivity, deliver powerful presentations and improve your collaboration using our wide range of equipment: touchscreen control panels, ceiling microphones, interactive projectors, digital signage for your internal communications, and more. Trust Solotech to provide a complete multimedia system or a specific new work tool to optimize your workflow.

Cirque Éloize headquarters – Agropur headquarters – Québec City Convention Centre
Canadian Olympic Committee headquarters – Espace CIETECH – Espace C2



Solotech is constantly surfing the technology wave with systems that allow for a multitude of audio and video options as well as lighting and much more. Think of a perfectly hidden sound system, a multimedia staircase, a video projection system or LED lighting; we constantly strive to showcase your identity using creative media. Every business is unique, and every solution offered is as well. Our designers, engineers and installers make sure to understand your vision to provide a custom result that perfectly fits your environment and enhances your image.

Vidéotron flagship store – SSENSE Montréal – La Vitrine

Hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.

Whether it’s vacation time, a convention, a restaurant outing or a party with friends, today’s clientele is looking for a multi-sensory experience.

Solotech is your partner of choice to enhance your environment with the latest technologies making your customers’ experience an engaging one with your brand. We offer LED displays, projections, special lighting effects, signage and so much more. Entrust your project to the Solotech team – we’ll make you shine and cement customer loyalty.


Château Frontenac – The D Las Vegas

Communications & Telecoms

Communications & Telecoms

Communications play a major role in our everyday lives and are evolving quickly in a highly competitive environment, where the highest standards of advanced technology and special effects are required. Solotech has developed expertise and partnerships with key manufacturers to effectively respond to changes in the technological landscape. Our team of professionals has delivered several mandates and continues to serve broadcasters in various countries. International radio and TV broadcasters have turned to Solotech for the best studio solutions; specialized tools to maintain the continuous flow of news, audio equipment integration, selection of broadcast and recording applications, mobile TV, etc.

Mongol TV – Radio-Canada – Sertv Panama

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