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Lighting Up the Stars at the
2023 MTV Video Music Awards

Solotech + DX7 Design + ACME Pixel Line IP = Simply Spectacular!

Solotech’s long history of collaboration with the manufacturers and designers who produce and use the most innovative technology continues with ACME lighting, the ACME PIXEL LINE IP strip light and DX7 Design.  The innovative lighting fixtures tapped by the creative team at the 2023 MTV VMAs have gained popularity in the entertainment tech space and are part of a growing trend toward LED-based solutions due to their energy efficiency, flexibility, and vibrant color output.

Designed with a focus on durability and versatility, and built to withstand various environmental conditions, the IP rating certifies the degree of protection against dust and moisture, making these lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

DX7 Design’s Lighting Designer Tom Sutherland affirmed their capabilities and noted, “The ACME Pixel Lines brought an incredibly dynamic element to the VMA’s this year. Having them so closely integrated with the set, they acted as both lighting fixtures and video screen extensions, giving us a new creative tool to bring to the table. Not only were they incredibly bright, but their unique feature set and number of pixels allowed us to create some really exciting programming and effects. Because of all of these features, in addition to their IP rating, they’ve quickly become one of our new favorites, and we already have plans to use them again in future projects.”

One of the standout features of ACME Pixel Line IP lights is their ability to create dynamic visual effects. These lights consist of multiple individual LED pixels arranged in a linear configuration. Each pixel can emit a different color, allowing for the creation of intricate patterns, animations, and color-changing effects. This level of control enables lighting designers to craft visually stunning displays, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Additionally, the intelligent control system allows users to program complex lighting sequences and synchronize them with music or event elements. This level of automation and customization provides creative freedom, enabling designers to captivate with visual experiences.

“Supplying the VMAs with 200+ Pixel Lines gave designer Tom Sutherland and DX7 Design a great visual addition to the lighting rig. The consensus of the team surpasses what we expected from the long relationship between Solotech and ACME.” He added, “The Pixel Line IP has also proven to be an excellent addition to our LED IP rated lighting inventory, with multiple units currently out on shows and many more set to be used on future designs.”

 Highlighting the positive feedback from both crew and operations,

— Dave Evans, Solotech’s Director of Lighting

2023 MTV Video Music Awards:

Tom Sutherland – Lighting Designer

Hunter Selby – Senior Associate Designer

Jasmine Lesane – Associate Designer

James Coldicott – Lighting Director 1

Jay Koch – Lighting Director 2




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