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Service Centre

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to our 24/7 Service Centre offering support, repairs and technical support for your equipment and installations!

Purchasing equipment from Solotech automatically means you’ll have no worries with your audiovisual installation project. Our Service Centre offers a range of options to ensure timely response to all your requests and ensure the continuity of your operations. We have a call centre open 24/7, complete warranty management services, and ongoing training programs to ensure our qualified team of technicians remains informed of our manufacturers’ most recent updates. Our goal is to offer you top-quality services that are versatile and effective. Our technicians are experts in video, audio, lighting, electronics, IT, home automation, control and much more. They conduct rigorous testing in our repair shop, on your premises or remotely, all the time, and find solutions to thousands of challenging situations every year.

Service Centre Offer

Our technicians have expertise in video, audio, lighting, electronics, IT, home automation, control, and many others. They are the ones who carry out rigorous tests at all times in our repair shop, on premises, or remotely and who make thousands of interventions each year.

The Solotech warranty:

Benefit from Solotech’s basic warranty plan, which includes, for the 90 days following the installation of new equipment by our experts: the workforce to integrate and ensure the proper functioning of the installation, management of the manufacturer’s warranty, transportation and complete handling of any defective equipment. A truly comprehensive service!

Additional service plans to maximize the lifespan of your equipment
In addition to the basic warranty plan, Solotech offers the Privilege service plan to meet our clients’ various operational issues. This plan provides an investigation and resolution of defects service and the possibility to reserve yearly service time slots. Add Service+ to get real-time monitoring of your equipment and access to monthly usage statistics.

Did you know?
So that we can guarantee greater reliability in operations and reduce system downtime, or even prevent it, we also have a surveillance centre to remotely detect and handle any malfunctions or even foresee future anomalies.

Discover our real-time monitoring solution for your audiovisual equipment!

A unique offering ensuring the optimal performance of your equipment, 24/7, in virtual mode for peace of mind.

As a partner, we want to make a real contribution to the success of your company by working actively on your behalf before any issues occur. Service+ gives you many benefits including the prevention of interruption of your operations and the reduction of costs associated with the transportation and management of your equipment… regardless of the supplier or installer of your equipment! Click here for more information

Preventive Equipment Maintenance Plans

Take advantage of your available spaces to carry out preventive maintenance on your equipment and thus maximize its lifespan. Ensure the optimal functioning of your systems in order to be ready for the resumption of all activities: cables and parts replacement, firmware updates, equipment cleaning.
Why choose Solotech?

– Experienced personnel in all audiovisual fields.
– Several teams available.
– Large inventory of used equipment (quick replacement, if necessary).
– Service Warranty.
– Advantageous rate.

Certain conditions apply. Contact your representative for full details.
We also offer several service plans!

Service contracts

Service calls

Technical support

Repair (on premises or remotely)

Many warranty options