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Video Systems

Share your message and enhance your project as never before with the outstanding quality of our multiple video systems!

Engage your audience and spectators, share your message and enhance your project as never before with the outstanding quality of our multiple video systems!

Solotech offers a wide variety of video solutions that provide optimal results for your venue, whether indoors or outdoors, from meeting rooms to hockey arenas, our experts handle video installations in every kind of environment, including conference rooms, hospital centres, casinos, and many more. Our multimarket experience is why we are the leader in video systems integration. We’ve successfully met every type of technical and infrastructure challenge, resulting in our unmatched expertise in video installations.

Striking the perfect balance between creativity and professionalism, our highly specialized video technology team can offer you valuable advice. Plus, our technical advisors will guide you with confidence.


Our video systems solutions

Whatever your project, our goal is to offer you complete video systems that will give you a competitive advantage while satisfying all your requirements. We can help ensure that you communicate effectively with your international partners. Our videoconferencing solutions will enhance collaboration!

Looking to impress spectators during a hockey game? Check out our giant screens and electronic scoreboards – guaranteed to energize the fans! Solotech is the right choice as we are the ideal video systems partner to realize your project and showcase your venue!

Creative Lab

Access an unmatched offering through an exclusive partnership with a company that specializes in light integration and the design of custom LED lighting and video products. Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, in a large space or intimate venue, temporary or permanent, whatever your market segment, anything is possible!
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LED screen and electronic scoreboard

LED screen and electronic scoreboard

Digital display and video walls


Media servers and processing

Control room


Broadcasting equipment

Video surveillance and control


IP Video

Video capture

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