Webcast Technology and Interactive Platform

Keep live events alive!
Stay in touch with your audiences from your home, studio or office.

Solotech provides the equipment and services to support video and audio webcasts.
Extend the reach, the audience and the impact of all your events and activities:​

Live music performances

Press conferences

Product launches

Training sessions

Annual town halls

Business meetings

The best professional webcast solutions and interactive live entertainment platform:

High-quality live productions equipment

Private or public webcast

Limited or unlimited audience

Real-time interaction

State-of-the-art computers and software
Cameras (PTZ, studio, HD or 4K)
Microphones and full studio-quality audio mixing
Stage and studio lighting
Personalized technical service
Live or recorded broadcast on various platforms
100% personalized premium solutions

Partnership with Yoop: the new interactive way to attend virtual events!

The Yoop eSpace is a multifunctional virtual venue that allows content providers to create and stream high-quality virtual events. Yoop offers modern technologies with its two-way platform enabling visual and audio interaction in real time between artists and the audience!

Solotech provides the expertise, equipment and technical staff to ensure the capture and sound of these immersive moments.

Yoop platform

• Private or public events, with limited or unlimited capacity, and other options
• Simple, fast and secure access (no tickets, barcode or resellers)
• Possibility of interaction with fans (studio installation with monitors)
• Fixed viewing pricing or minimum amount, no hidden fees
• Purchase, view and interact from the free Yoop application or website
• Convenient for a variety of sectors: music, sports, business and education

Offer a superior virtual experience with Yoop and Solotech: authentic, reciprocal and meaningful connections.

Are you ready to make an impact by reaching out to your audience in real-time, wherever you are?

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