Webcast Technology Support and Solutions

Keep live events alive!
Stay in touch with your audiences from your home, studio or office.

Solotech provides the equipment and services to support video and audio webcasts.
Extend the reach, the audience and the impact of all your events and activities:​

Live music performances

Press conferences

Product launches

Training sessions

Annual town halls

Business meetings

The best professional webcast solutions for any setup:

Cameras (PTZ, Studio, Semi-professional)
Microphones and full audio mixing
HD content delivery network
24/7 professional support

Expand your possibilities!

Private or public webcast with Zoom technology
Private audience from 1 to 10,000
Infinite public audiences via YouTube or Facebook Live
Add up to 100 panelists able to interact
Conduct online polls, discussions and Q&As
– 100% personalized premium solutions, in partnership with PQM.net’s StudioCast.ca platform

Are you ready to make an impact by reaching out to your audience in real-time, wherever you are?
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