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Taylor Swift – Reputation Stadium Tour


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A tour aptly named

In November 2017, when Taylor Swift announced her Reputation Stadium tour, fans and music aficionados welcomed the news with great enthusiasm. The tour supported her triple platinum Reputation album, which also topped the 2018 Billboard album chart. Swift performed globally for almost three million fans across North America, Europe, and Oceania before wrapping up the seven-month tour in Asia.

The Reputation Stadium tour was a huge success, becoming the second-highest grossing concert tour globally of 2018, according to the Forbes magazine, and broke the record for the highest-grossing U.S. tour since 1990. Reputation Stadium also won, among others, Top U.S. Tour at the Billboard Live Music Awards, Concert Tour of the Year at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards and Best Pop Tour at the 2019 Pollstar Awards.

One thing is for certain: this tour brought Taylor Swift at the peak of the industry, placing her at the top of the international pop scene where competition is fierce. This is not only due to her reputation as a dazzling performer, but also to a spectacular team of designers, programmers, technicians and vendors. Among them was Solotech, who supplied and supported the lighting and video solutions for the Reputation Stadium tour.

In 2019, Solotech won the Video Production Company of the Year at the Parnelli Award for its contributions to the tour, an award as much about recognizing the fantastic work done by Show Director Baz Halpin, Production Designer Tamlyn Wright (winner of the 2019 Set/Scenic Designer of the Year Parnelli Award), and all of their collaborators as it is about Solotech’s work on the production. In addition, Solotech was a 2019 Parnelli Award nominee for Lighting Company of the Year for its work on this tour.

A spectacular visual performance powered by state-of-the-art technology

The tour’s main scenic elements included two giant video screens on each side of the stage, displaying live images of the artist and captivating visual content. The video solutions were handled by Solotech’s Video Engineer Sébastien Lamoureux and Video Director David Boisvert. The video gear included a Ross Video Furio robotic dolly system, a Grass Valley Korona K-Frame switcher, nine Grass Valley LDX 86 cameras and seven disguise gx 2 media servers.

Solotech’s Lighting Project Manager, Antoine Malette, oversaw the system design for the lighting, consisting of hundreds of Claypaky Unicos and Mythos 2s, dozens of Robe BMFLs with RoboSpot Follow Spot controllers, as well as MA Lighting grandMA2 Full and Light lighting consoles. Solotech’s Crew Chief John Flynn, and Dave Evans, along with the rest of the crew, also played a key role in supporting the system throughout the world tour. Detailing the lighting system, Malette explained: “Working on this tour was such an intense experience. We had to make sure the Solotech expertise would help achieve—and perfectly complete—the artistic vision of the production’s creative team. Everything went smoothly, it goes without saying, but this tour was absolutely spectacular, both in terms of performance and preparation. We could not be happier with the rave reviews Taylor Swift received for it!” The Solotech representative for the tour was Dean Roney, Vice-President, Business Development, Live Productions.

For detailed information about the crew: http://plsn.com/articles/showtime/taylor-swift/

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images

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